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Pat Lindner

Head Coach

Phone: (715) 495-0143‬

Jill Chapman

Team Manager

Phone: 715-456-7506

Spencer Gregerson

Asst Coach

Phone: ‭(715) 563-8562‬

Brian Steele

Asst Coach

Phone: ‭(715) 563-7112‬

Upcoming Game Information

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Click here to sign up to cover game slots

To cover off-ice responsibilities for our home games (excluding tournaments), I am asking each family to cover 4 slots for their skater (64 slots to fill/16 players on team=4 slots per player family). Our home tournament game sign ups will be posted at a later date.

Wausau Tournament-Jan 24-Jan 26

Hampton Inn
615 South 24th Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
*release date is Dec 20*

State Tournament-Mar 7-Mar 8

Hampton Inn
2610 Pearson Drive
Hudson, Wisconsin, 54016
*release date is Feb 6*

Notes from Coaches!