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COVID-19 Resources & Policies

Hobbs Ice Center Updates

November 24, 2021

  • Masks must be worn by everyone in all common areas (off the ice)
  • Masks are not required when athletes are participating in on-ice activities
  • Masks are not required for coaches during games/practices/competitions
  • Guests will be asked to wear a mask when entering the facility
  • If guests choose not to wear a mask in the common areas of the facility they will be subject to a 30-day facility ban
  • Subsequent offenses, or those of a disorderly nature, may result in longer bans from the facility

September 21, 2021


ECYH received the following email below from the City of Eau Claire with regards to mask requirements at ALL City buildings including Hobbs Ice Arena from City leadership.  Please take the time to read it and so we can avoid issues as we start our season and keep the players on the ice.  We will keep you updated as information comes in from City Leadership.

I have an update on protocols at Hobbs Ice Arena specific to masks and lobby gathering as we head into the school year and fall/winter season.  Please communicate to your parents, coaches, players, trainers, volunteers, etc. 


Starting back on 8/3 masks have been expected at all times for anyone entering Hobbs Ice Arena, including on the ice.  Things started out well that first week and since then compliance has dropped off.  We have received further direction from city leadership regarding masks indoors at city facilities (including Hobbs) stating that ‘expected means required.’  This means that as of today until further notice all patrons must have a mask on at all times while inside Hobbs Ice Arena, including players on the ice and coaches in the bench area.  Our signage is staying as-is, and staff have been instructed to answer ‘yes’ if asked if masks are required.  This change is in line with UWEC will be handling masks as they are now requiring masks indoors as well.  This is especially important as we head into the school year and fall/winter with the rise of the Delta variant, which appears to be more easily spread and appears to be affecting younger people more than previous versions of COVID.  Anyone seeking an exemption must contact City Risk Manager Colleen Schian at and must continue to wear a mask inside Hobbs until receiving exemption approval.

We need all of your help in keeping everyone safe and healthy as well as staying in compliance with our direction from city leadership so that the facility can continue to operate.  So, please make sure your groups are prepared the next time you are at the facility and everyone is wearing a mask throughout the facility.  If groups do not comply, we may have to resort to denying access to the facility, which we of course do not want to do either.  Specific to hockey, there are masks that strap into the cage on a player’s helmet that seemed to work fairly well last winter, so I encourage hockey groups to look into them if they don’t already have them.


Spectators are allowed to enter and watch games & practices.  As a reminder please make sure to keep gathering in the lobby to the minimum possible.  This helps keep groups away from each other to help limit potential spread of illness.  We are not limiting spectators at this time so please help us out by getting in an getting out as quickly as you can.

I know this is extremely frustrating for everyone, us included.  We simply want everyone to be as safe as possible and to keep everyone on the ice. 

Thank You- City of Eau Claire