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January Raffle Winners

Date Winner Amount
Feb 1 Matt Lawer $50
Feb 2 Ray Jasicki $50
Feb 3 Karen Molitor $75
Feb 4 Andrea Strand $75
Feb 5 Ashley Yakesh $100
Feb 6 Sean Bohan $50
Feb 7 Ryan Koelker $50
Feb 8 Susan Powers $75
Feb 9 Miriam Stafford $75
Feb 10 Justice Hadley $100
Feb 11 Phillip Strozinsky $75
Feb 12 Whitney Beilke $75
Feb 13 Emily Madsen $75
Feb 14 Jenny Bittner $150
Feb 15 Denise Beilke $100
Feb 16 Harley Schofield $50
Feb 17 Bryon Yakesh $50
Feb 18 Kathy Long $75
Feb 19 Jacob Anderson $75
Feb 20 Randy & Ruth Truggestad $100
Feb 21 Heather Boss $75
Feb 22 Jill Millis $75
Feb 23 Judy Lubahn $50
Feb 24 Angela Montesano $50
Feb 25 Corey Hannah $100
Feb 26 John LaBarge $75
Feb 27 Jason Doering $50
Feb 28 Adam Fuller $200
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Players of the Week

ECYH Apparel Options

SquadLocker Apparel Shop

New this year is a year-round store through SquadLocker. Through the SquadLocker store, you can order apparel at any time, and it will be sent directly to you. This store also offers different logo and color options for a great selection of choices. Custom options are also available. Most items can be customized with a player’s name and jersey number. Many items are available for Express Production, so that you will get them even faster! NOTE: If an order contains both Regular Items and Express Production Items, the entire order is handled as a regular order. They cannot split shipments. TIP: Place separate orders if your order contains Regular Items and Express Production items. Place all Express Production Items on one order and regular items on a separate order to be sure your Express Production items arrive more quickly.