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Michael Hughes Memorial Squirt Tournament

November 11-13, 2022 | $850 entry fee | 3-game guarantee

Tournament Rules

USA Hockey rules will govern all play.

  1. The referees will be in charge of the game and no obscene language or gestures will be tolerated. A “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy will be strictly enforced.
  2. Noise makers of any kind are not allowed.
  3. Each team will be guaranteed at least 3 games and each game will consist of 3 periods of 12-minute stop-time. The ice will be resurfaced at the start of each game only. There will be a 1-minute break between periods.
  4. Running time will start when a team has a 6-goal lead. Stop-time will be resumed if the lead is reduced to less than 6 goals.
  5. The tournament officials reserve the right to change from stop-time for each period to a pre-determined length period of running time if the tournament were to fall behind in time allotment. We don’t anticipate this happening as we will have allowed 1 1/4 hours for each game and resurfacing.
  6. Tied games will be decided as follows: 1-minute rest at the end of the game before the overtime period. One 5-minute sudden death overtime period will be used to determine a winner.

If the score remains tied at the end of the overtime period, a shootout will be used. Each team will choose 5 players who will each have one shot on goal. The team scoring the most goals in the shootout will win.

If still tied after the shootout, a different 3 players will be chosen and the shootout will continue. The team scoring the most goals in the second shootout will win. If still tied after the second shootout, each team will choose one player to alternate shots until one team has a goal advantage.

Squirt A

  1. Eau Claire
  2. Somerset 
  3. River Falls
  4. West Madison
  5. Chippewa Falls
  6. Arrowhead
  7. DePere 
  8. Waunakee 

Squirt B

  1. Eau Claire
  2. Wayzata B2 Navy
  3. River Falls
  4. Rice Lake
  5. Arrowhead
  6. Barron/Chetek 
  7. Somerset 
  8. Waunakee 

Squirt C

  1. Eau Claire 
  2. Somerset 
  3. Wayzata Silver
  4. River Falls
  5. Rice Lake
  6. Burnett
  7. Barron/Chetek
  8. Moose Lake 


Squirt B Final Scores

Squirt C Final Scores